New Belgium and The Lost Abbey Lips Of Faith – Brett Beer

a – Pours a hazy, deep yellow orange color with one finger of fluffy white head.

s – Smells of oranges, A touch of brett, wheat, and bready malts. Brett and oranges are pretty weak. Nose isn’t bad at all, but kind of muted.

t – Tastes of bready malts, citrus, oranges, fruity malts, wheat, and very light funk, but not much. A little stronger and better than the nose, but still not much brett.

m – Medium body and low to moderate carbonation, the body is super smooth and creamy.

o – Overall a decent beer, but expected much better out of these breweries, and a bit underwhelming. For a name like “Brett Beer” it did not have a ton of brett, and the nose was very muted.

Serving type: bottle split in NB Tulips

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