WABDR Sections

  • Packwood to Ellensburg
    • We tried this in February so we ran it north to south, didn’t make it due to Elk season but the Bethel Ridge section is a good test of skills on big bikes.IMG_3021
  • Ellensburg to Cashmere
    • This was done in November so the mud was pretty thick but a very pretty section, highly recommend.  Easily done in a day from Seattle even with bad mud and a stop in Leavenworth for Brats.IMG_2102

West Harrison Lake

  • This was a great trip that can be done in 2-3 days depending on skill and speed.  We left out of Seattle and made it to the north end of the lake in plenty of time to setup camp and hit the hot springs.  The next day is a pretty short day on smooth gravel to Pemberton/Whistler or Vancouver.  I had a tire issue so we spent some extra time but this is a easy 3 day or long 2day run.  Great scenery and good riding, highly recommend checking it out.  IMG_1856

Oregon Coast Trip

  • Ashley and I headed down the coast in November with the destination of Rouge Brewing in Newport OR.  We blasted down I5 and crossed the river in Kelso, cut across the Tillamook National Forest and caught 101 south to Newport.  Newport is a great little town and Rouge was a good destination.  This was a quick trip with long riding days but a good one.  IMG_2206

Olympic Peninsula Backcountry Discovery Route

  • This was a great tour around the Olympic Peninsula that was lead by Greg from PSSOR.  It was 3 night camping so this makes a great long weekend trip.  IMG_1681

Southwest BC 3 day loop

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