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**Disclaimer** Please don’t add these to an index or upload them to the popular forms.  While they are public knowledge they took time to plan and put together.  I have either rode all the tracks listed and they are from the GPS or they are put together by some friends.  Please ride and enjoy but don’t distribute further than this or I will take them down. General rule: Don’t be a douche.


  • Cascades
    • Mountlake Terrace to Carson ending at a nice spot to camp before heading north-Road
      • This is a nice road trip down the western cascades past Rainier and St Helens down a nice paved FS road to OR.  South of Packwood 25 is seasonal, in 2014 it opened mid June, call before so you don’t get stuck.  If its open it is one of the most pristine scenic drives in southwest Washington. The campsite is not amazing but its a decent place to drop a tent for the night for free before hitting the BDR.  Its primitive and on a creek, bring water or beer.
    • Carson Campsite to Packwood via WABDR 
      • Heads south to fuel up and then north up the BDR ending in Packwood.
    • Northwest Passage Discovery Route
      • This is a BestRest Products ride that is on the drawing board for 2015.  All route and track info is property of BestRest.  Please visit his site for more info and a great write up on the route.  Register and he sends out updates to the route.  He also makes great products and is one of the great wealths of knowledge from the PNW area.
    • Central Cascades

Length: 49 milesDuration: 3 hours,

Max Elevation: 2900ft

Direction: Out and Back

This easy route incorporates both pavement and gravel surfaces for a relaxed, novice-friendly journey. Riders will follow the White River and have 5 distinct opportunities to stop along the way to view historical points of interest. This is an out-and-back trip, so be prepared for two-way traffic throughout the ride.

      • Local Loop
        • Length: 15 miles

          Duration: 1 hour

          Max Elevation: 3100ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           This short loop takes riders up into the hills behind the town of Plain. The route is primarily comprised of easy gravel roads that offer ample opportunities to practice unpaved turns on varied terrain. The loop also provides some nice views to the northwest of Lake Wenatchee. Midway through this route there is a section that was recently logged and will offer a good challenge to novice riders. There is also a very easy bypass to this section if it proves to be too difficult. This loop is run in the counter clockwise direction.

      • Big Meadow Creek
        • Length: 33 miles

          Duration: 2 hours

          Max Elevation: 3300ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           This ride heads north out of Plain on the Chiwawa Loop Road (paved), then turns onto the unpaved Lower Chiwawa River Road, following the Chiwawa River before turning towards Fish Lake, and then north on Meadow Creek Road.  Meadow Creek is a nice, narrow, paved forest road that meanders through the mountains, following the West side of the Chiwawa River.  After a couple miles, it turns into a very easy dirt road and makes a long loop, meandering through the trees, before returning to the pavement for a nice ride back to camp. Please be ready for two way traffic on the paved Meadow Creek Road.

      • Thousand Trails
        • Length: 25 miles

          Duration: 1.5 hours

          Max Elevation: 2600ft

          Direction: Clockwise

           This short ride winds through the Thousand Trails riding area north of Plain. The route starts gently on pavement before winding up the hill on smooth gravel roads. The easy gravel road shrinks to silty two-track, while you descend back toward Plain for some fun turns and bumps. The return trip is quick and easy on the pavement. This route can be a navigation challenge, due to the large number of intersecting trails.

      • Bubba Ridge
        • Length: 32 miles

          Duration: 2.5 hours

          Max Elevation: 3700ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           This ride winds through the beautiful trees and greenery surrounding Plain. Riders head south out of Plain to start this loop on tight, twisty pavement before gradually heading up the side of the ridge east of town. The route then drops steeply down the ridge to soft, and sometimes sandy, trails before stopping for the view at Bubba’s Bluff. Easy gravel roads gradually change back to pavement for the return journey to town.

      • Sepps Point
        • Length: 40 miles

          Duration: 2.5 hours

          Max Elevation: 3900ft

          Direction: Clockwise

           The Sepp’s Point loop takes you to a special overlook for an amazing view of Lake Wenatchee.  The ride starts on paved roads out of Plain, past Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake, before turning off onto the fun and narrow paved Meadow Creek Road.  Turning uphill off of the Meadow Creek Road, the route takes you up a wide, loose gravel road, climbing to the top of the ridge.  The upper loop around Sepp’s Point is comprised of small roadbeds that can be rocky and sandy in places, but the view is well worth the effort.  After taking in the view and completing the loop, you’ll head back down the main gravel road, connecting to Meadow Creek Road again.  Rather than taking the pavement back to camp, a great little shortcut snakes through the hills on primitive two-track style roads. This ride is a real treat on a big dual-sport.

      • Moe Ridge to Maverick
        • Length: 76 miles

          Duration: 6 hours

          Max Elevation: 5700ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           This ride incorporates some of the best ridgeline riding in the area with some old roadbeds we’ve recently discovered and cleared.  Be ready for a long ride full of amazing views, overgrown roads, rocks, and ruts.  After leaving Plain on Chumstick Highway, you’ll turn off to ride a couple easy and flowing dirt roads that chase the contour lines of the ridge.  The route connects with the Moe Ridge Road towards Ardenvoir, which can be challenging in places, due to loose surfaces, rocks, and elevation changes.  The road can be exposed in places, so be careful.  There is a fun section off the main road that runs through the bushes and trees on an abandoned road bed that we’ve cleared into a narrow path. After getting gas (regular unleaded only) and a snack in Ardenvoir, you’ll begin your ascent to Sugarloaf Peak on soft dirt roads that climb gently toward the lookout.  A brief stop at the Sugarloaf Lookout gives you amazing 360-degree view of the Cascade Mountains and the Palouse of Eastern Washington.  After taking in the views, you’ll descend back into Plain by riding the exciting Maverick Saddle route that offers amazing views of Lake Wenatchee and the surrounding forest.

      • Tyee Mountain
        • Length: 77 miles

          Duration: 6 hours

          Max Elevation: 6700ft

          Direction: Out and Back

           This ride brings the Touratech Rally into a previously unused area north of Ardenvoir. The journey east is an easy one, riding along smooth gravel roads with gentle elevation changes. Heading north, the road up Tyee Mountain is tight and twisty pavement for many miles before turning to gravel. After the transition to gravel, the road climbs rapidly to the peak over 6000 feet. Near the top of the mountain the gravel road becomes increasingly difficult, so riders are encouraged to stop where they are comfortable and wait for the group to return. Once the group is ready to turn around, everyone can head back down the twisty paved road and into Ardenvoir for refreshments and fuel. The route returns to Plain on the same gentle gravel roads. This is an out-and-back trip, so be prepared for two-way traffic throughout the ride.

      • Suger Loaf
        • Length: 61 miles

          Duration: 5 hours

          Max Elevation: 5800ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           This fun and challenging route includes a short section of the most technical riding in this rally. The ride starts by heading south out of Plain on tight, twisting pavement. After turning east on Little Chumstick Creek, the route turns to gravel for a twisting ride through the trees with some fairly loose up and downhill gravel sections. The tight “Dry Creek Challenge” from years past is ridden in the downhill direction, just before you enter a new section that was cut in just for this rally. This steep uphill section is tight in places and rocky in others, and while an R1200GS has made it through this section a few times, it takes a very experienced rider who doesn’t care much for their bike’s bodywork.  After taking in the views at the Sugarloaf Lookout, you’ll descend the moderately steep Maverick Saddle route, past Bubba’s Bluff, and through the Thousand Trails area back to camp.

      • Kloochman Creek to SugerLoaf
        • Length: 75 miles

          Duration: 8 hours

          Max Elevation: 5800ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           Leaving south out of Plain, the route turns off Chumstick Highway on some nice flowing dirt forest roads.  A quick detour takes you down the trail we like to call “Dry Creek Challenge,” a fun single-track trail that connects with Dry Creek and Merry Canyon roads. After riding up Entiat Summit road, you will head towards Moe Ridge and then depart the main road onto a section of single track on an abandoned forest road for approximately five miles.  This fun trail follows the side of a ridge and is doable on an R1200GS BMW, but you can’t be afraid of a few scratches from brush!  After connecting with the Roaring Ridge Road, you’ll get a brief gas and snack stop in Ardenvoir, before ascending to Sugarloaf Peak on a very old route that is perfect for adventure motorcycles.  This section is narrow and increasingly difficult as you near the Entiat Summit Road.  A brief stop at the Sugarloaf Lookout rewards you with an amazing 360-degree view of the Cascade Mountains and the Palouse region of Eastern Washington.  After taking in the views, you’ll descend the somewhat steep Maverick Saddle route, before heading north once more along some nice flowing trails for the last few miles back to camp.

      • Sugarloaf to Dry Creek
        • Length: 133 miles

          Duration: 8 hours

          Max Elevation: 5800 ft

          Direction: Counter Clockwise

           Plan on an all day epic adventure if you take this route. Pack a lunch and make sure your tank is topped up before you leave, as this 130+ loop has no fuel stops or places to buy lunch. However, it does offer some of the greatest road side picnic spots anywhere on the planet! This route summits both Chumstick and Sugerloaf mountains and sews together an amazing ribbon of ridgeline roads that will satiate even the largest of appetites for dirt.

          This route is for experts only; no street tires, no panniers. About a third of the route is washed out and rutted, which will require focused and consistent riding. There is a washout early in the route which requires riding a narrow gravel single track with massive exposure. Spotters are absolutely required for safety here. Entiat Summit Road and Dinkleman Canyon offer very remote views of the rugged terrain. The single track trail up to Sugarloaf is amazing. This short section will leave scratches on any paint surfaces that are too shiny. After taking in the views at the Sugarloaf Lookout, you’ll descend the moderately steep Maverick Saddle route, past Bubba’s Bluff, and through the Thousand Trails area back to camp.


  • Olympic Peninsula
    • Olympic Peninsula 3 day loop
      • A three day clockwise loop around the peninsula staring from Quilcene.  Camps 2 nights in campgrounds that need reservations but can be stealthed if you ride beyond the sites.  The ride really showcases the peninsula, one of the best rides in Washington yet. Post/Video
    • Everett to HoodSport– Road to Quilcene then 75% dirt to Hood Sport.
      • This is 3/4 of day 1 of the above route.





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