Adam’s Gear

###Work in Progress###


  •  Revit Sand 2
    • This was an impulse buy at the dealer since I was in need and the dealer conveniently had these 25% off.  The jacket is essentially a 3-in-1 style piece reminiscent of ski wear.  Next to skin in an insulated liner that is is a odd shape, full sleeves and short body, can’t wear it solo.  It’s my thought that they do this on purpose so the liner doesn’t take on any way that might wick up in a rain storm.  Good thought but wastes the opportunity to make a good after riding/ camp jacket that isn’t huge in case you want to go have dinner without your coat of arms.  Next up is the waterproof/resistant liner, a full length silver rain liner.  This is very thin and delicate liner designed to keep your body dry.  The outer layer is a more durable material with CE elbow and back armor in internal Velcro pockets.  Pockets- Two fleece lined hand pockets with carry pockets sewn on top, makes for a weird look and a few internal pockets.  There is 2 chest, 2 back, and some  arm vents which help in the summer.  In the winter it needs a heated liner if you plan on riding long below 40.  In the summer its pretty hot and feels unfinished without the liner.  In the rain it sucks.  The outer jacket has a sprayed on DWR which fades quick with road grime and dirt leaving the outer material very wet and heavy in the rain.  Once the sleeve saturates and you stop at a light the water in the jacket runs into your Gore-tex gloves making a nice swimming pool for your hands.  I always carry a cheap over jacket to throw over my jacket and cuff of my gloves to solve this problem.  I have had this for 18mos and given the price it was ok, I give it a 6/10 in the gear greatness scale.
  • Klim Badlands Pro
    • This jacket was just acquired so I am still running it through the paces.  At first glance; construction seems great, armor is definitely a step up from the Revit jacket, fits nice and has an abundance of pockets.  Time will tell but if its anywhere close to the pants it will be great.  More to come soon…
  • Gerbing Heated Jacket liner
    • A warm hug in the winter.  This will extend your riding season drastically and make it comfortable to ride long distances in the chilly weather.  Constructed like a wind breaker, stretch in the cuffs and nylon exterior.  Heat on the back, chest, arms and collar.  Wires are connected on bottom left and run to dual controller, a reastat to control temperature.  Wire also come out the end of the sleeve to connect gloves.  Pretty slick addition to winter riding.




  • Klim Element Glove-Long
    • A full grain leather Goretex over glove.  These seem to fit my hand well and provide great protection in the rain and cold.  They have gel pads in the palms and hard knuckles for protection.  A good winter glove when you don’t want the electrics.
  • Gerbing G3 Glove
    • Full grain leather heated glove. Not much to say other than they work and fit pretty well.  No more cold fingers

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