Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Sierra Nevada Summerfest, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

A nice night with family and friends at Big Bobs Burgers in San Antonio. Nice to see craft beer make their way in to AB InBev’s territory.  A new place for me so I’ll give it the run down. 

About a mile off of IH-10 at 447 W. Hildebrand is Big Bob’s Burgers.  A nice joint with a good burger and great onion rings.  There are several TV’s and a nice patio that has a band on some nights.  The beer selection is pretty typical of the neighborhood with the classics and a few gems mixed into the selection(Breck Avalanche, GD IPA, SN Summerfest and a few others.) On to the food, The menu is short and to the point with burgers and fries with a few variations. The menu was very well priced and was exactly what a burger place needs, burgers not 15 salads and Mexican dishes.  I got a Bacon cheese burger with the onion rings.  About half a beer later the mounitan of food came out, the onion rings were a site to see.  The burger was good, no complaints but nothing to get excited about.  The onion rings on the other hand were awesome, the stamp of approval was gained by these alone.  Nice crunchy flavor filled batter paired with properly cooked onion.

I would definitely head back to this place if I was in the area just for the onion rings.  A good burger is getting harder and harder to find in this city, when a place has a good one they change it.

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