Riding Tapitio Springs

Riding Tapitio Springs, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

Headed out to Tapatio Springs today to hit the mystery trail I keep hearing about. Exit Johns Rd off of I-10 and take a left if you are coming from San Antonio, its down a few miles on the right, impossible to miss. When we pulled up there were two guys in the parking lot with bikes that just got off the trail, asked how it was and was kinda shocked.

We ride all over the Hill Country and frequent Flat Rock so I assumed we were prepared for anything Texas could through our way. The guys in the parking lot made it sound like we were in for a shock as far as the difficulty goes and were giving all kinds of warnings. We decided that we got this and proceeded to pay and sign our life away in the office. We payed $3 a piece, prices must have gone down from $6 based on everything I have read online. We suited up and road toward the trailhead. The trail starts just past the office and to the right. TS immediately greets you with a nice uphill in the form of a jeep trail, takes you past the firing range on the right and up again. The trail gets slightly overgrown for the next section but very recognizable. After not too long on the singletrack/jeep road it dumps you on a road. We made the dumb move and decided to try our luck and head up the hill, don’t go this way, it takes you on a nice tour of homes and no trail. After our side trip we headed down the hill and spotted the trail again on the right, we headed though the gate and took a hard left to get back on. The single track takes you up the hill but is very rideable. The trail meanders though some nice views and before long gives you a fork. I was researching earlier in the morning so I knew what the know blank arrows were pointing to. Left is the trail, right dumps you back on the road incase you need to cut it short. On to the left, make sure your gears are set in the right place you will need them for the next few miles. The trail switches back a few times and has some fast sections paired with some impossible climbs/switchbacks. The off-camber sections are up ahead, not to tough to navigate just be aware of the ledge, this tops out for a nice flat on the top of the hill. The trail goes on for a slight drop and then another small accent to the top of the last hill. The single track here is the trails nicest and fastest. Before long you can see the road and the cliffs that parallel it, stay to the right and get ready for some nice downhill switchbacks. Turns are tight in here and could be sketchy if too close to the cliff but not too bad. The course comes in to view and the trail comes to an end just as it gets really good. Take the road past the condos and take a right past the country club and back to the parking lot.

This is a great trail and beats the drive to Flat Rock Ranch. I would give it a 3/5 on the difficulty scale and would say if you can manage FRR you got this.

Starvation had set in, Siri lead us to a new pizza place in Boerne called Broken Stone Pizza Co. This place has one of the better places in town. Would highly recommend it, fair prices and great service. No beer so prepare ahead of time for the let down.

No falls or cool scars to show for this ride.

Here is the Map of the trail that we took, disregard the trip to the top and the back and forth up there.

3 thoughts on “Riding Tapitio Springs

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  3. Sounds like you had a good time. Tapatio is certainly one of my favorites, though in FRR’s defense, Tapatio doesn’t have the mileage to match. Nevertheless, still a great trail!
    Btw, you must have lucked out on the $3 fee. After reading this I called to verify the $6 we have listed and that’s supposedly still the rate.

    Ride on!

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