English Style Bitter Brew Day


With a break in the rain forecasted I took another opportunity to fill the kegerator. I have always favored ESBs and the ordinary Bitter style but never seen to brew them. I brewed a delicious version of a ordinary bitter last fall and decided to make V2. Brew day went as planned with the exception of brewing a 10g batch on a 15g recipe. When milling it felt like a large amount of grain for a supposed low abv beer but I pushed on. Curiosity got the best of me and I consulted BeerSmith and like I thought, far too many fermentables for a 10g batch. Guess I am brewing a Strong Bitter. Wort smelled of the bready, malty overtones that Marris Otter yields, this will be a great, yet big bitter. Wrapped up, pitched yeast and dropped the Tilt Hydrometer in and went inside to devour the delicious Pork Butt that the smell had been a major distraction all day. Beer went into the conical at 1.070 and Imperial Pub yeast was pitched so we shall see a 7ish ABV Bitter in a few weeks. Tasting notes too come.

Brew stat.us Link

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