The Addition

Unexpectedly along this twisted winding path we call life, certain things become utterly unmistakable. We so clearly and distinctly mark the importance of this moment, while forever defining it’s meaning.

Recently, this has happened for me. On December 10, 2014 I drove south to Seattle to bring Hamilton to his new home, I became a Mom (dogs count as children, right?). Hamilton is a french bulldog puppy, who at the time was 11 weeks old. I will go ahead and state the obvious, he is ridiculously cute and lovable; however I strongly misjudged how this love-ability might alter my heart and my mind.


I have never been so overwhelmed with joy, I literally thought my heart was going to burst. Now, just a little background…I always had dogs in or around the house growing up, yet none of them were really mine. The canine companion closest to my heart was my childhood shar-pei, Brutis who sadly passed when I was eight years old. I have wanted a dog, specifically a french bulldog for going on 5 years and have been extremely patient waiting for the “right time”. I am undoubtedly convinced there is no “right time” for things like dogs, or children. There simply isn’t. This life is so full of commitments, opportunities and extracurriculars that we have to intentionally carve out a spot for a dog or a child if it is important to us. That’s the real choice, how important am I going to make this? Is this a priority?

Amidst all of the craziness that 2015 will bring: college graduation, MCAT, medical school applications, anesthesia OR shadowing, gnarly ADV trips, COBDR, and other randomness…I decided NOW this was important to me. I was ready to pull the trigger, so I did.

As I shut the truck door, and sat Hamilton on the seat beside me everything around me faded to black. Nothing else in the world mattered except this tiny, perfect little guy who Adam and I were going to raise and love. I might have cried. Just a little. Like, maybe one tear. Surely, a tear of joy.

As the day progressed, Hamilton became more and more attached to me and I felt like I was watching a bond form before my eyes. Okay, I know this sounds super serious and dramatic…BUT IT WAS! I never would have imagined the impact this new addition to our family would have, on myself and my man. Adam and I are both so in love with Hamilton, and I thought I would introduce him to the world formally.

A few updates:
Hamilton loves to chew, especially toes…socked toes that is.
Hamilton likes classical music, and helping Mom study.
Hamilton snores occasionally, but is a really good sleeper. Mom and Dad like that!
Hamilton is almost potty trained, we’re really proud of his progress.
Hamilton loves people, and ALL DOGS. He think’s everyone is his friend.
Hamilton’s favorite toy is Gator Man, second in line is his Teddy.
Hamilton loved his first Christmas, especially his crinkly Santy and Nylabones from Tamara.

Hamilton is awesome.
The End.

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