Valentines Day Weekend

V-day this year fell on a 3day weekend this year thanks Presidents day! Ashley and I hit Serious Pie in S. Lake Union for dinner with our friend/waitress Kate.

Valentines day 2014

Saturday was the the Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle show.  Fun looking at all the cool bikes and nice to have the feeling that I made the right decision on getting mine.

Couldn't turn it down

Seattle Seahawks custom HD Street Glide
Seattle Seahawks Bike

Sweet Bagger with quite the stereo
Sweet Bagger

Ashley rides the HD
Ashley's First Ride

Monday we hit the last day for the Modernist Cuisine at the Pacific Science Center.  Very cool, great photos and good work.  Highly recommended.
Modernist Cuisine Exhibit
Modernist Cuisine Exhibit
Modernist Cuisine Exhibit
Pacific Science Center, Seattle WA

As we get home the sunset after the storm.  The hills are getting dumped on 29in in 24hrs.  We need to hit up Stevens some time soon.
Everett rainy sunset

Great weekend and short week ahead.


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