Maui Brewing La Perouse White

Maui Brewing La Perouse White, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

A= Pours a hazy golden-hay color. About a half inch to an inch of a white head forms, and slowly fades

S=Great nose on this one, refreshing summer notes. Very clean and crisp. You definitely get the mandarin orange. Coriander, and a bit of clove seem to be the most dominant.

T= Clove and Coriander again are prominent. Mandarin gives way to balance it out, some sweet hay/grassy flavor comes through as well. I get a hint of banana on the back of the tounge as the beer warms.

M=Great summer beer, This would be a nice intro for people who have not been craft beer drinkers in the past.

O= A really, really good and refreshing witbeer. Stockup on this on before its gone. It will be great in the heat of the summer.

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