Mikkeller 10

Mikkeller 10, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

A: Poured a slightly cloudy copper color with a dense off-white head.

S: The nose is definitely hoppy with some conflicting notes. Good pine and floral aromas, along with some underlying citrus. Still quite a bit of malt for this style.

T: There is a distincly perfumey note to this beer. Lots of floral hops, some mild citrus and pine, and a fair amount of caramel maltiness.

M: The body is medium with a moderate carbonation.

D: The problem with these Mikkeller IPAs is that they’re not all that fresh by the time they get to the states. Still decent, but I’d opt for a more locally brewed option that is fresher. Can imagine it would better out of the tap in Denmark.

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