Student Loan Bailouts

These occupiers drive me nuts, they have zero sense for what they are protesting and they’re goals are disheveled.  The clowns that are wasting time and tax payers money to “stand up” for what they think is right is a joke.  Explain to me how bailing students out of loans that they signed up for is going to help the economy as a whole?  It will only further their thought process that they don’t have to own up to their decisions.  When I signed on the dotted line for loan money I was perfectly aware of the consequences that taking a loan will have.  Not to mention that these are voluntary loans, no one forced you to take these loans.

These images hits home on a lot of issues of convenience and how the post baby boomer society likes to stand there with the open hand because its all most of them know.  We come from parents that put in the time and sweat for their fortunes and well being and made a “nice” life for their children.  From day one most of the middle class that is protesting was taught if they do well in school and go to college they will get a great job, nice picket fence with 2.5 kids running in it.  Reality has slapped them, the job market sucks, education costs are crazy and its a competitive marketplace.  These are all things that, they have never been exposed to, were never thought about in their $40,000 worth of classes in Austin.  I am not dogging any of the outliers that are truly struggling to get by and I don’t think anyone would argue that you are doing the right thing, its the college educated, job worthy kids that think they are worth more than the economy is willing to pay.  I interview college grads that have a well written resume (from the career center on campus) all day, they all have the same common attributes: little or no real-world experience, job field mostly blank, can’t work past 5 and definitely not on the weekends, paired with crazy salary expectations.  What on earth makes these kids think that just a degree entitles them to a mid-level management position.  I cannot count the times I have heard “I am not interested in a lower salary starter position, I was expecting a management spot.”  The ability to suck it up and put in some time and sweat to gain experience in the field should be taught in the classes room before graduation.  It makes me think why would you pass on an opportunity to have some bullets after the JOB EXPERIENCE section if economic times are tough and you can’t find a job?  Instead of wasting money protesting the rich corporations, take that lower position you were offered and put money in your pocket while stimulating the economy instead of maintaining the crazy high unemployment rate we are currently seeing.

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