SKA Euphoria

SKA Euphoria, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

A nice Ale from SKA, very easy to drink a welcome break from the dark beers of winter.

Pours a dark orange with thick white head that laces and sticks around for a bit.

Hints of creamy, caramel malt with big pine hops fill the nose with a little grassy note at the end.

Tastes of bread malt up front and pine/spice hop, earthy, and slightly nutty. Some lingering pine, resinous hop character.

Lighter to medium body with lower carbonation work well.

This is a fantastic almost English-style pale ale that balances biscuit and pine hops character. Easy to drink and satisfying.

Served in a can is great makes this beer great for the river and to take along.

One thought on “SKA Euphoria

  1. Good post… Just killing some time at work rubbaging around and found your page. Great looking site. I’ll have to bookmark your blog to come back and see what’s new. Cheers

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