Weekend in Port O’Connor

Ashley and I just got back from a much needed relaxing weekend at the coast.  Not much to report other than the copious amounts of sunshine and the feeling of not needing to do anything.  The local hotspots that were visited:

  • The Inn at Clarks– I nice hotel on the water. Would be better if they had internet.
  • Josie’s Mexican Restaurant- The breakfast tacos are hard to beat.
  • The Cantina- Really an extension of Josie’s, the local night spot.
  • Speedy Stop- Deli Express at 3 in the morning, the locals idea of supreme cuisine.
  • Cathy’s- For a surprisingly good chicken melt( Chicken fried chicken with cheese, Jalapenos and grilled onions on Texas toast.)
  • Virgina’s on the Bay– A early afternoon snack and a Bloody Mary, Jalapeno Mesquite-Smoked Yellowfin Tuna Dip on the Ritz.
  • Snoopy’s Pier– Fish and Chips with Crab Stuffed Jalapeno poppers
  • Snoopy’s Veranda– Ice cream before heading home.

After a quick walk down the beach and eating we were back to the grind, until next time.

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