Mr. Cod in San Antonio

When new places pop up around the local area for lunch I am one to give them a try.  Stemming from the UK with only two locations in the states I figured I was pretty safe.  Mr. Cod is located on DeZavala near the post office on the northwest side of town.  After gazing the menu for a few minutes I settled on the lunch special which was, surprise “Fish and Chips.”  A few minutes later out comes a plate at the end of the buffet line, here we go.  One Cod fillet, some cold “chips” and horrible attempt at a lunch salad.  I made my way to the condiment bar to find a condiment pump stuck in a 2 gallon plastic bottle that read “Sysco Tarter” a  nice touch of class.  Just when I thought that Long John Silvers was the bottom of the barrel for fast seafood, this place pops up.


  • Some what clean dinning room
  • Clean Tables


  • Very greasy
  • Ranch dressing served as main condiment?  Who’s great idea was this? How can a place claim to be from the UK and not have the proper malt vinegar!
  • Dining room is very plain and lacks decoration

Bottom line- Take a pass on this place, nothing special.  The owners need a trip to the UK to see how this dish is served and prepared before they will have return customers.

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