Lunch on the River Walk San Antonio

The Luxury SA

Went to check out the new Weissman establishment on Wednesday, it was spot on and did not disappoint. Good Beer selection and adventurous menu and great location on the river in the shadows of SAMA. They had Tank 7 on tap, what else do you need.

View for Luxury SA


Bonh Mi

Bikes Welcome

Bocce Ball Court Behind

Finished up on the river and checked out Big hops Growler Station on Broadway. Another win for the day. A huge selection of TX craft beer on tap and a few singles to-go. I had the Branchline Rye IPA, impressive new brewery in town.

Branchline Rye IPA

Big Hops Growler Station Taps

Ranger Creek Small Batch Series 1

A: Pours a light copper color.

S: Infected. The wax smells of bad Swiss cheese. I took all the wax off and washed the bottle. Still present.

T: Still infected. Has a Bretty character to it as well as sour notes. Me thinks there was some contamination.

M: Medium bodied with medium carbonation. Slightly dry finish.

O:Would like to try an uninfected bottle. Cool bottle display though.

Serving type: bottle