December Weekend: Whisky Tasting and Hiking

Ashley with the future addition to the family, Hamilton.  He was terrified we will see how he does on Thursday.  (We are not buying him at Petsmart, just a convenient meeting place.  Calm down PETA.)IMG_2330

Since Morgan ditched me this weekend it was a weekend solo with the girls.  At least I convinced them to go Whisky tastingIMG_2351

Sea Urchin at the market, acting like tourists.IMG_2333


Whisky tasting at Westland Distilling in SODO.  Go if you haven’t been and are in Seattle, one of the few places putting out a peated product thats good.IMG_2341



Vladimir Lenin in FremontIMG_2349

Skee Ball at King’s in Ballard IMG_2350

Big Four Ice Caves on Mountain Loop HighwayIMG_2408





WABDR section from Ellensburg to Cashmere WA


Paved roads head north from Ellensburg toward Table Mountain and Lion Rock Lookout in Wenatchee National Forest. High elevation and twisty dirt roads with views of the Central Cascade Mountains make this a very enjoyable section. From Lion Rock to Beehive Reservoir the route is stunning, rugged and remote. The path at 6,000 feet along Table Mountain provides views to the west.  From there the road traverses a ridgeline with spectacular views of Devil’s Gulch and the Columbia River to the North. The route passes nearby Beehive Reservoir before descending the Mission Creek Valley to the town of Cashmere.  Tracks and more information can be found at the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route website at

Hike up Mt. Pilchuck

Ashley and I decided to take the trek up Mt. Pilchuck the other day.  What a hike, breath taking views and great place to have lunch.  The lookout is pretty cool but often filled with too many people to enjoy but there are plenty of other places to enjoy lunch.  We had an overcast day but the views were still amazing.  Not the easiest hike we have been on but easily doable in a few hrs.  The Suunto Ambit was acting a bit wacky on the way down but here it the map of the hike.


From the Fire Lookout, Mt. Pilchuck




Make sure to click through the panos, they look crappy on this page but OK on Flickr.

The Lookout

Perfect Lunch Spot

Vertical Slab

Mt. Pilchuck Map

Evening at Alki Beach SUP’n

Seattle from Alki Beach

Evening spent SUP'n

Great place to head and enjoy a sunset with a different view of Seattle. With a full moon and great weather it cant be beat. Since tripod was stolen the evening shots are limited, its forcing me to get creative with camera placement. Check out Mountain to Sound Outfitters, great local shop in West Seattle for all water and snow needs.