September and October Hikes

Have gotten a little behind on the ol’ blog, been busy.  Looking back its been a little motorcycle heavy so here are some hikes that have been had lately.  Epic views rain or shine.  Its hard to beat what the northwest has to offer as far as scenery.

Gothic Basin-


Mt. Dickerman-IMG_0905


Mt. Shuksan- IMG_0928


Hike up Mt. Pilchuck

Ashley and I decided to take the trek up Mt. Pilchuck the other day.  What a hike, breath taking views and great place to have lunch.  The lookout is pretty cool but often filled with too many people to enjoy but there are plenty of other places to enjoy lunch.  We had an overcast day but the views were still amazing.  Not the easiest hike we have been on but easily doable in a few hrs.  The Suunto Ambit was acting a bit wacky on the way down but here it the map of the hike.


From the Fire Lookout, Mt. Pilchuck




Make sure to click through the panos, they look crappy on this page but OK on Flickr.

The Lookout

Perfect Lunch Spot

Vertical Slab

Mt. Pilchuck Map