Purgatory Mountain 2012

Downhill riding

Across the entire state, Colorado is nothing short of scenic. From the crisp vivacious waters of the Animas River and the breathtaking serenity of Chicago Basin, Purgatory Mountain shares its own wonders. During our summer 2012 vacation, Adam and I spent an afternoon seeking the thrills of summer sports on Purgatory Mountain. Thanks to 2nd Avenue Sports in Durango we were outfitted with mountain bikes to prepare us for the exhilarating rides ahead. YETI mountain bikes have been a large part of the fully suspended carbon frame movement in racing, and this was our opportunity to try them out!

We began our ascent by riding the twilight chair lift up the mountain. With the sun shining brightly on this picturesque bluebird day, the all-downhill trails were in full view. The “Diggler” was the first trail we chose with a starting elevation of 9,930 ft., stretching out over 1.8 miles.  As fate would have it, I took my first [notice I say first rather than only] fall into the sandy terrain. Back up as quickly as I went down, we continued winding quickly yet carefully through the trail. Living up to its name, the Diggler was a wide track intermediate route. Not my favorite type of trail, being that the terrain was mostly sand and rock which can be problematic for maintaining speed and control simultaneously.

My favorite course of the day was the “World Cup” with a starting elevation of 8,950 ft. and a top elevation of 9,860 ft. I prefer single track riding over wide track because it forces you to be in control of even the slightest movement. A lengthier course with a couple small climbs, and some absolutely gorgeous views! I will admit I got off of my bike once because it was just a little bit too sketchy for me but the boys rode it out! If ever in the Durango area during the summer season, do not miss the fun and excitement Purgatory Mountain has to offer. A shout out to our friend Tyler who works for Durango Mountain Resort for hooking up the lift tickets! Definitely a ride to remember!