Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

The Wild West Brett Series by Crooked Stave in CO. I very good beer would strongly recommended trying there beers if you come across one.

Green. As with all CS beers, time will change this beer, they are too new to judge age.

A medium dark golden pour with medium white fluffy head. Lacing is slim

Fantastic aroma of fresh Galaxy hops; some passion fruit, tropicals and flowers. Very juicy smelling. A tinge of sour Jolly Rancher lingers.

The taste isn’t as robust or definitive as the aroma, as far as hops go. The passion fruit is gone, and more subtle tropical characteristic emerges. The dryness is apparent but not biting. Some notes of grass and taffy come about. I would like to see how this one ages….good thing I bought two