Ommegang Abbey Ale

Ommegang Abbey Ale, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

A: Seems to be burgundy in color, although maybe a bit more “brownish”. A lot of foam initially, but it subsides quickly.

S: Smells sweet, a nice aroma of fruits with lots of figs and some dark cherries, a noticeable alcohol scent as well.

T: The fruit (especially the figs) come through, with notes of plums and cherries as well. A caramel type sweetness is present as well.

M: A nice amount of carbonation on the tongue, and good body.

D: A delicious Dubbel, and another fine beer from Ommegang.

Brewery Ommegang Witte

Brewery Ommegang Witte, originally uploaded by adambarhan.

Appearance: Cloudy golden color with a fluffy white head that leaves thick clumps of lace on the sides of the glass

Smell: Earthy and yeasty with a hint of orange
Taste: Malty flavor to begin with a good orange citrus flavor; a touch or coriander and pepper on the finish

Mouthfeel: Light bodied with good levels of carbonation

Drinkability: Refreshingly light very nice summer beer

Serving type: bottle poured in Brooklyn Tulip serverd at 49Degreese. Split with Ashley